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In 2005, a musical connection was made when Teddy Schrishuhn (drummer of Eight Hour Company) and Kevin Richter embarked on a musical journey together. Schrishuhn and Richter played in a school jazz band together and from that point on Schrishuhn's innovative rhythms and Richter's complex bass lines were fused together into something great. Richter and Schrishuhn continued to play in bands together including the Reggae/Funk/Jam band HAM and various studio side projects such as A Glorious Dance Party, The Handsome Devil, Francis Gabrielle, Teddy and Friends, Discovery Zone, and Project Man. During the creation of Project Man's 3 song EP, entitled College Hopeful, Richter and Schrishuhn worked with talented guitarist Matt Kashuda (hailing from Shotgun Clash). In January of 2007 the three collaborated on a song entitled HATE OF 1000 SUNS. This was the start of Polymnia Nyx.

Polymnia is the name of the Greek goddess of Music and Nyx is the name of the Greek Goddess of Night. Polymnia Nyx is the representation of what the ultimate culmination of Music and Night would sound like. The goal of their music is to move people, but not so much in an emotional way as a physical way. Their music has a strong electronic influence with programed beats and catchy synth lines. But do not let this fool you, Polymnia Nyx is no club/house/techno group. Polymnia Nyx incorperates a live drum set as well as electric guitar and bass guitar in every song. These instruments add a live funk/rock jolt to all of their songs. Their instruments are a bit unorthadox ranging from a Fun Machine to a Mr Mic Vocoder in order to keep their sounds fresh and original. Polymnia Nyx writes their music to aid their fans in dancing. This music is meant to make you move. So take a listen and dance. This band will make you sweat.

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